Community Outreach

PAWS is a not merely just a community outreach program. Its focus is to truly transform the state of animal welfare, right at the heart of the community, here in Rochester, NY; thus resulting in an overall positive impact on the community as a whole….all through being proactive and grassroots-based.
Community Outreach is the first of the program’s five elements, as it truly embraces all the other elements and creates a foundation for all of them to be carried out. Education and assistance are the core of the PAWS outreach program. Without these factors, no other element would be evident, let alone successful.
In the animal welfare world, being proactive through outreach has taken awhile in catching on, but many see the necessity of tackling the problems right at the root of them. It’s a different approach than what’s been taking place, overall, throughout the course of history. PAWS is all about being grassroots- based, which is evident through how we directly are interacting with pet owners, community members, neighbors, etc. We simply do not ‘set up shop’ in these underserved communities, but we actually go directly into people’s homes, and in turn educate and assist them by providing the proper tools needed for them become more responsible pet owners. This is all done while building relationships and trust with these pet owners and their family, and most importantly, their pets. When you put aside judging (create a link to page re: judgment), and step directly into the homes of these pet owners, you come to a realization of how much many of these pet owners (who do not have access to the same resources many of us do) absolutely love their pets and wants what’s best for them. The rewards from reaching out to these pet owners are unparalleled, and when you realize the bigger reward, which is keeping these pets safe at home and enriching their lives and their pet owner’s life as well, it makes it all worthwhile and just priceless.

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