About Us

Mission Statement:
To provide outreach, information sharing and assistance to pet owners and their pets within the communities of Rochester, New York, through a ‘boots on the ground’ approach. Through various elements of the PAWS program, we believe, with a proactive and respectful approach, we can and will reduce local shelter and rescue intake, all while keeping pets safe and healthy at home.

Vision Statement:
Through respectful, compassionate and non-judgmental approaches, the PAWS community outreach program will set the standard in positively transforming the state of animal welfare within the Rochester, NY community. Through proactive measures, PAWS will provide pet owners with the resources and means necessary to care and provide for their pets in a dignified manner. We strongly believe, through outreach in the home, information-sharing, and an approach like no other, our vision of rebuilding and establishing the value of a relationship between that of pets and their owners, and the community overall, will be achieved.

Outreach-Educate- Assist

So what is PAWS? What sets us apart from other rescue groups and shelters? What does it mean when we refer to the program as being an outreach program? What exactly do we do? We’ve also even been asked “why do we help pet owners, who many feel clearly don’t deserve to have a pet.”

These are often the questions we receive from not just those unfamiliar with our program, but even at times those who already support us. We understand it’s not the most common concept. The animal welfare community is still working toward a proactive approach to the animal welfare crisis, because they realize in order to tackle the overall problems with animal welfare, the need to be proactive is critical. Being reactive is not the most practical solution in the end, as the root of the problems go without getting addressed. We are proud to say our outreach program is the first of its kind in Rochester, New York.

We are not a rescue, and we are not a shelter, our mission and program is strictly carried on through outreach into the under-served communities within Rochester, New York. Judgement is not allowed in our line of work, as it would prevent us from truly transforming animal welfare at the heart of the community! It’s easy to judge; however, what is truly rewarding is to put any judgments aside and learn an animal is tied up to a chain in order to keep it from wandering into areas where something bad may happen to it. What you can often find out is this is due to the love from a pet owner in the only way he/she knows….because that’s all they have ever been taught or seen. Many pet owners love their animals, they just don’t have the knowledge or understanding of what’s needed to care properly for a pet, or even the means. Many of them feed their beloved pets before feeding themselves, and many take in stray pets to keep them safe, but do not have the means to care for them properly; however, to them, the alternative is much worse. Matt’s approach in stopping people on the streets, going up to someone’s door, speaking with neighbors, etc. is like no other. He is welcomed into people’s homes, has built up relationships and even trust with these pet owners. In turn, many become ambassadors within their own communities on behalf of PAWS and its mission.

At this time, our efforts are strictly dedicated to the city of Rochester, New York, where the state of animal welfare is in great need. PAWS is transforming animal welfare at the heart of the community, through outreach, education and assistance!

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